Scandinavian Style Hand Woven Rag Rugs

The Weavers

Pebbles, head weaver
Pebbles, Head Weaver
Elizabeth, assistant weaver
Elizabeth, Assistant Weaver


I have always loved fur coats, but being an animal-lover, as well as an animal, I got into the faux-fur industry to reconcile my passion with my conscience. The fur coat I'm wearing in the picture is my very first creation, and although I was hesitant to wear it for the photo, my boyfriend assured me it does not make me look fat. Elizabeth and I met a while back and hit it off with our mutual knack for color coordination. She mentioned having gone to school for weaving, and showed me some of her work. I loved the medium, and she talked me into going to school to learn how to weave. We drifted apart but met up again some time later and decided to start a business creating handwoven rag rugs. I've now been weaving for over twenty years, in cat-years of course. Elizabeth and I work together on rug design, and while I focus on weaving, she handles the business end of things, weaving in the interim. Don't hesitate to .


I started out as a lingerie designer and subsequently became head designer for a small company in Boston for about 10 years. I moved on from there to run a clothing company for 12 years before going to Sweden for an extended vacation and to spend time visiting with relatives there. It was then that I decided to take up weaving, going to school in Sweden to learn the craft. Upon returning to the United States, I decided to buy, gut and renovate an old Cape Cod house which was once owned by the Wixon family, an old Cape Cod name after which one of the Dennis schools is named. After completing that project, I turned my focus more seriously to weaving. I bought some Swedish looms and had them shipped here and got to work. I have now been weaving full time for over 20 years.