Scandinavian Style Hand Woven Rag Rugs

High quality machine washable rag rugs

Custom Orders

Fabric samples
By Email
Fabric samples sticking out of an unsealed envelope
By Mail

I weave custom rugs and will send you fabric samples to make sure we get the your custom woven rug just right. Custom orders do not include free shipping and handling, and there is a flat fee of $10.- to handle us getting on the same page with the colors. We can speak via or phone to start. If you are unhappy with the finished product, don't worry, it will sell. I'll see what I have in stock for fabric, and will send you pics of what I have available so we can fine-tune things before I send out the fabric swatches for final approval. If you know exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to be specific. Let me know that you're looking for a rug that will pick up the sage of the throw pillows while matching the flowers on the bedspread or whatever. If you're the trusting type, I've had a repeat customer for years who sends me a piece of wallpaper and fabric and says, "surprise me." I don't know if she's easy to please or I'm that good, but she's yet to be unhappy with any rug I've sent her.